About our Riding

Welcome to the home of your Conservative Party of Canada Electoral District Association for the federal riding of Lambton-Kent-Middlesex. But hey that’s a fairly long handle so what do you say if we just go with “Your CPC Riding Association in LKM? That works for us and we trust it will for you as well. Since 2006 we’ve been proudly represented by Mr. Bev Shipley, who just happens to be the hardest working MP on Parliament Hill. Bev’s hard work, energy and enthusiasm are some of the many fine qualities that make him an effective representative for the constituents in Lambton-Kent-Middlesex.

Throughout this site you will find lots of information about what Bev and our Conservative government under the steady leadership of our Prime Minister Stephen Harper are doing to help Canadian families remain safe in an uncertain world. And you’ll learn about what they’ve accomplished, and what they’ve planned for the future to grow our economy, and create opportunity for every single Canadian family.

As a riding association, we really have two important responsibilities. First, we’re here to support Bev in his role as our MP. Secondly we see it as our job to promote the principles and the values of the Conservative Party of in Canada. We do this because we believe Canadian interests are best-served by a Conservative Government.

In carrying out these responsibilities we’re guided by an enthusiastic and growing membership, and a dedicated group of volunteers who comprise our Board of Directors and Election Readiness Team. The exciting news is that we have room for people just like you. So we encourage you to join us by taking out a membership, and then perhaps speaking with one of our Board of Directors to explore how you can become involved in one of the many volunteer opportunities we have available. In doing so you’ll be rendering an invaluable service to your family, your community and this great nation we call Canada.